Revision Nose Aesthetics

Ansayfa Revision Nose Aesthetics

Revision Nose Aesthetics

Izmir revision rhinoplasty can be performed due to functional problems after the first rhinoplasty. Revision (corrective) nose surgeries may be needed because the patient's expectations of the first nose surgery are not met. However, most of the patients who do not get the desired result from the first surgery are afraid of revision surgeries. The problem that the patient has due to his previous surgery causes concerns before his new surgery. But a good Rhinoplasty Surgeon resolves these concerns of the patient. First of all, the patient's expectations from revision rhinoplasty should be understood correctly. The success of revision rhinoplasty surgery depends on this.

After rhinoplasty, time is required to complete the healing process. Depending on the content of the surgical intervention, a period of 6 months to 1 year is required for the nose to take its final shape. For this reason, it is generally recommended to wait at least one year before performing a second operation. Revision rhinoplasty surgery is a long and arduous process. As with previous rhinoplasty, it is difficult to tell the patient an exact recovery interval. Patience is required for both the patient who carries the traces of the previous plastic surgery and the surgeon. Before the revision rhinoplasty is performed, many examinations are performed on the patient. After the second operation of the patient, the desired nose structure is determined. Meanwhile, factors such as the patient's facial structure and age gain importance.

Revision Nose Aesthetic Surgery Izmir

To get a successful result in Izmir revision rhinoplasty surgery; It is necessary to evaluate the existing problems very well, to plan alternative approaches such as ear and rib cartilage that can be applied during the surgery and to make the necessary preparations. In addition, the surgeon who will perform revision rhinoplasty should have sufficient knowledge and experience for such interventions. It should also be able to relieve the fear caused by the patient's previous surgery. By establishing a good communication with the patient, he should prepare the patient before the revision rhinoplasty surgery.

Revision rhinoplasty surgery and aesthetic rhinoplasty are different operations. Revision rhinoplasty is much more difficult than other types of aesthetics. Because a different method should be determined for each patient. The operation process of the patient is planned in advance. Analyzes are made as a result of the examinations performed on the patient. In addition, since the patient has a second operation, the patient is much more worried. For this reason, it is necessary to act more sensitively so that the anxiety is replaced by satisfaction.