Under Eye Light Filling

Ansayfa Under Eye Light Filling

Under Eye Light Filling

The eye area and especially the under-eye area have an extremely thin and sensitive structure. And wrinkles, color changes and other skin disorders that occur with aging are structurally formed first, around the eyes. Developed for these situations, the under-eye light filler, as the name suggests, can be applied only in the detention area and provides the restructuring of the cells under the skin thanks to the 8 amino acids, hylauronic acid, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins in its content. In addition, there is an anesthetic in the hand applied so that the patients do not feel any pain or pain during the detention filler application.

Under Eye Light Filling Application İzmir

Before starting the application of under-eye light filling, a cream containing anesthetic is applied to the areas where the application will be made, although it is included in the gel applied in the procedure. Afterwards, the filling process, which is made by entering from a single point, is filled with the help of a cannula with a blunt end.

The procedure is done in a single session. However, when necessary, a second session may be required when it is used for maintenance purposes. Although the effect of the procedure varies from person to person, it lasts for 1 to 2 years. The most important detail is that after the under-eye filler application, patients can return to their daily activities.

To Whom Is Detention Filling Applied?

Under-eye light filling is generally preferred for people with wrinkles and crow's feet around the eyes, under-eye bags, pit formations between cheeks and under-eyes, color changes and bruising under detention. The application of under-eye light filling, which can be easily applied to every adult with these problems, is an extremely effective method for the eye area.