Lip Aesthetics

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Lip Aesthetics

Lip aesthetic applications are an aesthetic method performed to make the lips more compatible with the face shape and symmetry. The duration of the application, known as lip aesthetics or lip filling, takes an average of 15 minutes.

Lip Aesthetics

Many people complain that their lips are small or not suitable for facial symmetry. The reason why people stay away from aesthetics may be the fear of having exaggerated lips. But contrary to this misconception, it is possible to achieve a natural lip appearance with aesthetics. Completely natural-looking lips can be provided with special structures given to the lip, in accordance with the person's facial symmetry, age and facial structure. The redness to be experienced after the application is not exaggerated redness. After the lip aesthetic fits the person's face, the person can easily adapt to their new lips. It is a great advantage that the permanence of the aesthetics is 1 year. In this way, natural but not permanent lip aesthetics are realized over time.

Women who think that their lips are misshapen are negatively affected in their social lives. However, thanks to lip aesthetics, you can get rid of this negativity in just minutes. Features such as the width, size and structure of the lips gain even more importance on the female face. Full lips with elegant curves are the dream of almost every woman. It is very important that the symmetry between the lower lip and the upper lip is compatible with each other. For this reason, you can choose to have lip aesthetics. If you are not satisfied with your lips, you can get the lips of your dreams instantly thanks to this application.

It should not be forgotten that lip aesthetics and other aesthetic applications must be performed by a specialist doctor in a quality clinic. Many people's lives have been put at risk because of wrong aesthetic applications. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to be careful and sensitive in aesthetic applications. In addition, in an important application such as lip aesthetics, it should be ensured that the clinic visited is suitable for hygiene conditions.

Lip Aesthetics Application Izmir

Lip aesthetic application or lip augmentation is completed quite comfortably with the application of local anesthetic creams. Temporary mild redness may occur on the lip. It is permanent up to 1 year after the application and it is necessary to repeat it at the end of this period.