Forehead Lift Surgery

Ansayfa Forehead Lift Surgery

Forehead Lift Surgery

Forehead lift surgery is a cosmetic surgical procedure, also known as a brow lift or temporary lift. The procedure cosmetically corrects wrinkles on the forehead, hooded upper eyelids, and sagging eyebrows.

During forehead lift, the surgeon moves tissues and removes parts of muscle and skin that cause wrinkles or deep crack lines. This procedure is sometimes performed in conjunction with other forms of cosmetic surgery.

There are two methods for lifting the forehead and eyebrow areas: classical lifting and endoscopic lifting.

  • The classic lift, sometimes called the "coronal lift," is made in a continuous incision, from the ear to the ear above the head. To correct a high forehead, the surgeon may suggest that the incision follow the front hairline.
  • In endoscopic lift, the surgeon makes several short incisions in the scalp. He inserts a scope (a thin tube attached to a camera) into one of the incisions to view tissues and muscles from the screen while using another device inserted through another incision to make necessary changes. In this procedure, the tissue will be secured with a temporary or permanent suture or an anchor under the scalp. These anchors will keep the tissue under control for years. This procedure is less invasive as the incisions are smaller. You will experience minimal scarring and short recovery time.