Creating Dimple

Ansayfa Creating Dimple

Creating Dimple

Thanks to dimple formation aesthetic surgery, it is possible to create dimples on the cheek by operation, and under anesthesia, stitches are inserted through the cheek in a way that imitates the anatomy of people with normal dimples in this region. These dimples can be obtained by creating a gap in this region.

The dimple formation operation is carried out in İzmir CK clinic and in our contracted hospital.

Op.Dr. Cem Karas Prof. at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Dr. He worked on Aesthetic Nose Surgery under the management of Gilbert TRENITE. He has worked on facial beautification and rejuvenation at SanDiego in the USA and the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery in Hollywood.

He took part in the establishment of Turkey's first and Europe's largest ENT hospital EKOL ENT HOSPITAL in 2006, and as the founding chief physician of the hospital for 11 years, he performed nearly 25000 ENT surgeries, mostly in Rhinology.

Dimple Creation Aesthetics

The dimple creation aesthetic is a minor operation. This operation, which is painless, is one of the methods preferred by many people. With the developing technology, it has been possible to respond to people's needs and increase facial beauty. One of the steps taken in this regard is to create dimples. Some women have dimples that appear when they smile, which are naive and just as beautiful. For women who don't have dimples, having dimples is no longer a dream. Thanks to the dimple aesthetic, it was possible to create a real dimple.

Dimple aesthetics, which is among the latest trends, is an application preferred by both women and men. Dimples, which suit both women and men very well, are made in a very natural way with this aesthetic. After the aesthetic application, people can continue their daily lives immediately. No pain or pain is felt during the application. We recommend this aesthetic type, which is an extremely comfortable application, to anyone who wants to have dimples.

According to universal beauty standards, people with dimples differ from other people. It is known that people with dimples have privileges over others. It is a great advantage that the aesthetic process is shaped according to the wishes of the person, designed according to the face and suitable for all ages. It is worth remembering that such aesthetic applications must be performed by a specialist doctor.