Brow Lift Surgery

Ansayfa Brow Lift Surgery

Brow Lift Surgery

 Brow lift surgery ,  also known as forehead lift  or  forehead rejuvenation , is a cosmetic procedure to lift eyebrows. Brow lift improves the appearance of the forehead, brow and the area around the eyes by lifting the soft tissue and skin of the forehead and brow.

If you have a low, drooping eyebrow or eyebrow asymmetry,  you may opt for a brow lift . Brow lift can also increase your self-confidence.

Brow lift aesthetics can be done  alone or   with other facial procedures such as eyelid surgery  ( blepharoplasty ) or  facelift .

Aging typically causes the eyebrows to move down. As the skin and soft tissues lose their elasticity, the distance between the eyebrows and eyelashes shortens.

The lower position of the eyebrows can make you look tired, angry or sad. Brow lift can lift eyebrows and restore a renewed, more pleasing appearance.

If you have a low or sagging eyebrow that contributes to drooping of the upper eyelids, you may want to consider a  brow lift  .

By elevating the soft tissue and skin of your forehead and eyebrows,  a brow lift  can give your face a more youthful appearance.

Keep in mind that the brow lift  results won't last forever. As you age, your facial skin may begin to sag again. Sun damage can also age your skin.