Ear Aesthetics Surgery

Ansayfa Ear Aesthetics Surgery

Ear Aesthetics Surgery

Prominent ear or ear-shaped disorders are seen in one out of every ten people, and an accurate anatomical shape is obtained with surgery. Although patients usually apply with prominent ear complaints, it is important that the patient and the doctor meet one-on-one because their shapes and degrees are different.

From infancy, the ear can take shape, but as a result of wrong applications, there may be processes that are difficult to transform. Ear aesthetic surgery, on the other hand, is a very painless application that provides the best result in the shortest time.

After the surgery, people may have an incision scar behind the ear, but this scar is not visible because it remains behind and disappears completely after a few months.

After Ear Aesthetics

The risk of complications, bleeding or infection after ear aesthetics is very low. People who have this surgery are discharged on the same day, swelling or bruising occurs within a week. After ear aesthetic surgery, patients can continue their daily lives, but it is recommended to wear a hair band, and the ears are better protected by wearing a hair band.

After ear aesthetic surgery, the healing process is mostly painless, and simple painkillers are given to patients who feel pain.