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Thread Face Lift , most commonly by using special threads containing PDO (polydioxanone), threads are placed on the lower layer of the skin to achieve a taut look and trigger collagen production. Apart from  PDO,  there are also permanent threads containing PLA  ( polylactic acid ), caprolactome and silicone  used  in thread facelift .

Thanks to Thread Lift,  the saggy appearance on the face is removed and an increase in skin quality can be achieved. As we age, some changes occur on the skin. These changes also change the appearance of the skin by disrupting its structure. Especially after the age of 35-40, the subcutaneous support tissues, especially the fat pads, begin to decrease and sag downwards. Depending on the sagging of the middle part of the face, sagging and folds occur on the sides of the chin and around the mouth. One of the non-surgical aesthetic methods applied to remove these sagging and folds and tighten the skin is thread face suspension . There are several types of thread face suspension .

Thread Face Lift Types

Aptos Threads:

It is one of the first produced  PDO threads . In addition, polylactic acid and caprolactome are added to the threads to increase collagen stimulation.  There are many threads in different structures for face and neck lift .

Tread lift:

It is a  face suspension method made with PDO threads . Here, straight, awned or cross-braided yarns of different diameters and structures can be used.

Silhoute  Lift:

 Conical threads placed under the skin containing PLA (polylactic acid), called silhoute soft , are used.

Spring Thread (Dynamic Hanger):

These ropes, also called French hangers,  are made of silicone. They are permanent threads. Its effectiveness is higher and longer lasting than other threads. Its permanence is on average 3-5 years. Being permanent has its advantages and disadvantages.

How is Thread Face Lift Performed?

This application, which rejuvenates and restores the skin, is a very easy process. It can be performed under local anesthesia without disturbing the comfort of the person. Local anesthesia applied during non-surgical facelift  is performed with a special cream. This is a method that pleases those with needle phobia. But sometimes, if necessary, local anesthesia with Lidocaine is applied to the rope entry points. Thus, pain is not felt during the procedure. We perform local anesthesia especially for Silhoute soft and Spring Thread dynamic suspended entrances. First of all, the doctor decides which areas will be treated and determines these areas with signs. In this way, it is prevented to go out of the specified lines. Threads attached to thin-tipped needles that are too light to be felt are placed in these areas.

Pdo is a thread used in surgeries and absorbed by the body in a short time. They stimulate fibroblasts and other reparative cells under the skin where they are placed, so that collagen and elastin fibers are formed around the threads, resulting in tightening and tension. Within a month or two, the threads melt completely. The tightening and tension effect may increase for up to three months. Its effectiveness lasts for an average of one year.

Who Can Be Applied To A Non-Surgical Face Lift?

  • Although it is generally applied to patients between the ages of 35-50, it can also be applied to patients in the advanced age group where deformations and sagging on the skin are not too much.
  • It is a suitable treatment for patients who complain of sagging, wrinkles or collapse in various parts of the face.
  • Especially in cases where the rim sagging, which we call marionette, and both jaw edges, which we call prejow, hang down, skin stretching can be performed with a rope hanger or rope.
  • It may not be applied to patients whose skin is very sensitive or who are thought to not tolerate threading.
  • It is not a suitable treatment for those with very thin subcutaneous tissue.
  • It is not applied to those with bacterial and viral skin infections and pregnant women.

Does the Image Change Immediately After Thread Face Lift Method?

Although the post-procedure effects begin to appear immediately, it is necessary to wait for a while for the maximum effect. Although it varies from person to person, full change and best results are usually seen after 2 to 3 months. Some changes can be observed directly after the application. But it is necessary to fill this time for the desired change. As the person gets used to his new look, he may forget the old look and think that the effect is small, but it is better noticed when compared to the old look.

How Long Is the Effect Time of the Non-Surgical Face Lift Procedure?

This situation varies according to the previous state of the skin, age and other risk factors. Smoker, alcohol use and the presence of stress can shorten the duration of the effect. Although it is a much more permanent method than other procedures; If the skin is taken care of, the duration of action can be extended even more. Thread facelift  generally shows its effect between 12-18 months. During this period, the care procedures applied to the skin are also very important. Post-operative procedures must be applied to the skin at certain times. The more attention is paid, the longer the permanence period.

What are the Benefits of the Rope Suspension Method?

It provides many advantages to the person undergoing the operation. One of these advantages is that it is not a surgical procedure. In this way, the necessary procedures for anesthesia are not applied and the person has a much more comfortable procedure.  Thread facelift  shows a much better recovery process than other procedures. The person can return to his normal life after a short time after the procedure. This is one of the biggest advantages for the person who has it done. One of the important advantages is that the effect observation period is short and the permanence period is long. The procedure is performed in a very short time and the effects can be seen immediately after. In this way, the person provides a great motivation.

Is There Any Pain During and After Thread Face Lift Aesthetics?

Anesthesia creams ensure that no pain is felt on the skin during the procedure. The procedure is very painless and comfortable that will not disturb anyone. Thread face lift  is preferred by many people thanks to this comfort. After the procedure, the person returns to his normal life in a very short time. The procedure is carried out in as little as 45 minutes. Very mild swelling and bruising may occur. These pass by themselves in a very short time without any application. Keeping the head upright for a long time after the application can also eliminate mild side effects. Procedures that will cause skin irritation should not be applied for 15 days. Mild side effects can be minimized with good care.