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Medical Skin Care

Our skin provides the reflection of beauty, naturalness and energy, but the skin structure deteriorated by internal and external factors leads to a tired, old and defective skin appearance.  The skin can be deformed in a short time due to alcohol and cigarette use, genetic factors, incorrectly used cosmetic products and  medical skin care that is not done correctly.

Medical skin care carefully performed by CK Clinic   ensures the best results in all age and gender groups.

What is Medical Skin Care?

Skin care at home or beauty centers   may not give sufficient and beautiful results, but you can have a smooth, bright and flawless skin with a professional skin care.

Medical skin care  is determined according to the needs and skin structure of the people and is a personalized application. With regular skin care, signs of aging disappear and skin problems are minimized.

Especially women give more importance to the beauty of their skin and try to highlight their beauty with make-up products, but  with professional skin care,  your existing beauty comes out more and you don't need make-up.

How is Medical Skin Care Done?

Medical skin care  is a risk-free and painless application. The skin relaxes, gains a soft appearance and a tighter skin appearance is obtained. Detailed information on how to do medical skin care  :

  • Analysis and Preparation:  Each skin is special and valuable, the skin structure is analyzed and the procedures are decided. It is important that the skin is clean, dry and free of make-up. With herbal products, the skin is prepared for care.
  • Skin Cleaning:  After the preparation stage, peeling is applied with special creams and care products, the pores are opened and the first steps are taken to get the best effect for the next procedures.
  • Steam Therapy:  Steam therapy is used to soften the skin and allow the processes to penetrate the skin more quickly and effectively. Dirt and oils on the lower layer of the skin, black spots are cleaned.
  • Application Procedures: CK Clinic physicians  perform medical skin care  with special procedures  . Procedures are determined according to the skin structure of the patient and sessions are organized.