Tonsils and Adenoids

Ansayfa Tonsils and Adenoids

Tonsils and Adenoids

Tonsils and adenoids are not removed in all cases. The tonsils in the throat act as a barrier against allergens, bacteria and viruses entering the mouth, and the adenoid tissue in the nasal passages against those entering through the nose. Adenoid tissue is considered as a tissue that comes out later and needs to be removed among the people. Adenoid tissue is also known as adenoid. In some cases, these tissues may be removed. The large adenoids poses a problem. Because breathing becomes difficult and this can be reflected in the ears. It can create a much more risky situation, especially in children. For this reason, after a specialist doctor's examination, it is possible to remove the adenoid. The gradual enlargement of the tonsils and adenoids also puts the upper respiratory tract at risk.

Tonsils and Adenoids

In the following cases, adenoid must be taken definitively:

  • Obstruction of the upper respiratory tract due to enlarged tonsils and adenoids.
  • Inflammation of the tonsils.
  • Tumor conditions.
  • Damage to the jaw structure due to enlarged tonsils and adenoids.

Many people stay away from surgery because they are afraid of undergoing surgery. However, contrary to popular belief, the risk of tonsil surgery is very low. In addition, patients return to daily life and recovery time is very short.

What is Tonsillectomy?

Tonsillectomy with tonsil surgery (tonsill removal) indications and adenoidectomy (removal of adenoids) indications may be separate or have common causes. The reasons for the removal of adenoids depend on 4 main reasons. The first is that it is large enough to cause respiratory disorders in the child. The second is that the patient has otitis 3 or more times a year. Other indications are 3 or more sinusitis and lung problems. Based on these 4 main reasons, we decide whether or not to take adenoid meat. However, in every child, we sometimes come across one or two of these indications as very advanced. We can make a decision with 1 or 2 reasons without 4 reasons. This is the decision of your doctor.

There are 2 main indications for tonsillectomy. The first is that it impairs breathing by causing obstruction based on size. The second is related to the number of infections. The indication for the number of infections has long been used as the Paradise Criteria. Tonsil infections 3 times in the last 3 years or 5 times in the last 2 years or 7 times in the last 1 year.

Tonsil Surgery Izmir

Tonsil surgeries are performed at the CK Clinic, founded by İzmir ENT specialist Op.Dr Cem Karas, and at EKOL ENT Hospital (our contracted hospital), of which he is one of the founders. Please call for information and appointment.