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Language functions will be affected in a child with tongue tie (ankyloglossia). Speech sounds are particularly affected by this disorder. Ankyloglossia does not only restrict the movements of the tongue. It also causes the child to experience self-confidence problems. The cause of this ailment may be during the mother's pregnancy. Another possibility could be a family disorder. It is absolutely necessary to treat the tongue tie (İzmir tongue tie treatment). It can be a big problem for children and babies, especially at a young age. The child, who has difficulty in feeding and speaking, also has difficulty in sucking his mother during infancy. At the same time, as the child's age grows, social relations are also damaged.

What is a tongue tie?

Ankyloglossia is the condition of the tongue sticking to the floor of the mouth. Speech and articulation disorders, poor oral hygiene and dental problems due to impaired oral cleaning function, sucking, eating/swallowing problems, language disorder and as a result of all these, psychological and social problems can be seen.

As a result of the restriction of tongue movements, the sounds that the child makes are greatly affected. However, children who have had a problematic developmental process may carry it as a trauma when they become adults. Children who have the aforementioned tongue-tie disorder are faced with the inability to pronounce the letters "r". Children cannot speak comfortably during the development process. Unable to communicate with peers. But there is a situation that should not be confused with tongue tie. This discomfort is not the same as when children do not speak or start talking late. For this, a diagnosis should be made by passing a specialist doctor examination.

On the other hand, the diagnosis of how children with ankyloglossia are affected by this disorder should be made. For this, there are speech therapists who take special care of children. After determining how much the child's development is affected, surgical intervention may be required. In order for the child to develop in a healthy way, it should be treated sensitively in all matters. Oral-Motor examination must be done. Factors such as the child's nutritional status, how much he can use his functions, and speech status should be considered. The child should be observed and if there is a loss of function, the work with the therapist should be continued.

Tongue Tie Surgery Izmir

Ankiloglossia disease can be treated with tongue tie surgery and thermal welding. İzmir ENT specialist Op.Dr.Cem Karas Ck treats tongue tie disease in our clinic center and our contracted hospital.