Smell Disorders

Ansayfa Smell Disorders

Smell Disorders

The most important method in the evaluation of a patient presenting with a complaint of olfactory disorder is history and physical examination.

In the history, reasons such as the onset of olfactory disorders, their severity, the odors caused by, trauma, upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs), and drug use are investigated.

In the physical examination, "obstructive reasons" that may cause obstruction are investigated and smell tests are applied for both sides.

  • Some imaging techniques (such as CT, MRI) can be used to examine the nasal cavity, paranasal sinus and olfactory tracts.
  • Olfactory and mucosal biopsy are rarely used diagnostic methods.

Causes of Olfactory Disorders

Among the causes of olfactory disorders;

  • Lesions in the nose (structural anomalies, septum deviation, alanazi weakness, nasal polyp, allergic rhinitis, vasomotor rhinitis, atrophic rhinitis-ozena, hypertrophic rhinitis, rhinitis medicamentosa, adenoid hypertrophy sjogren's syndrome)
  • Chronic inflammatory diseases (syphilis, tuberculosis, sarcoidosis, scleroma, leprosy, Wegener's granulomatosis, midline granuloma)
  • Infections (influenza, bacterial rhinosinusitis, infected tooth, gingiva, tonsillitis, bronchiectasis, acute viral hepatitis, etc.)
  • metabolic causes
  • tumors
  • neurological causes
  • Vascular deficiencies
  • endocrine causes
  • Congenital (congenital) causes
  • trauma, drugs
  • psychiatric reasons
  • Physiological causes (menstruation, pregnancy, idiopathic) can be counted.

Treatment of Olfactory Disorders

Treatment methods also differ depending on the cause of olfactory disorders.

The primary goal in the treatment of olfactory disorders is to eliminate the cause.

Applicable methods:

  • Removal of surgical infections
  • Balancing nutrition and metabolism
  • Tumor-directed treatments
  • Elimination of endocrine deficiencies
  • Removal of trauma sequelae
  • Inappropriate medication may be discontinued.

In addition, patients should avoid odor and air pollution, and stay away from cigarettes and smoke.