Ansayfa Sinusitis


In general, there are two types, acute and chronic. Acute sinusitis means newly formed sinusitis and can be completely cured with appropriate treatment. Chronic sinusitis, on the other hand, means a constant inflammation in the sinuses and is difficult to treat. There are some cavities in the facial bones. Sinusitis occurs as a result of these spaces being replaced by inflammation. There are many symptoms of this disease. Because the symptoms of the disease can be observed differently in each person. The beginning of this is the non-stop coughing. In some, it may occur as snoring, burning in the throat or post-nasal drip. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to be examined by a specialist doctor in order to make the diagnosis correctly. The biggest mistake to be made is to use drugs unconsciously without being diagnosed. Sinusitis and flu can be confused with each other in terms of symptoms. If the wrong drugs are used, sinusitis may progress further. As a result of the inflammation that occurs, the sinusitis treatment process gradually lengthens.

What is Sinusitis?

Sinusitis, the air-filled spaces around the nose, forehead, temple and eyes are called sinuses. Sinuses open into the nose through channels. The nasal mucosa is located in the channels, the secretion produced by the mucosa ensures that the respiratory tract is heated and kept moist in the nose. Sinusitis is inflammation of this mucosa. Sinusitis treatment should not be neglected.

As in other diseases, the patient's quality of life decreases considerably in sinusitis. The patient, who feels himself physically and psychologically, is constantly tired. Nasal congestion, pain in the head area; often becomes unbearable. Studies have shown that sinusitis affects a person's quality of life more negatively than diabetes. Therefore, it must be treated. Contrary to popular belief, sinusitis treatment provides recovery in a short time. It can be intervened medically or surgically. After the examination of the patient, the most appropriate treatment method is decided. After the inflammation in the sinus cavities is gone, the patient breathes a sigh of relief. He/she can return to his/her daily life with an improved quality of life.

Sinusitis Treatment and Surgery Izmir

Sinusitis treatment; acute sinusitis is treated with antibiotics and nasal decongestants. If the sinusitis has become chronic and there are obstructions that cannot be opened in the openings of the sinuses into the nose; Sinusitis is treated with surgery. If there is a very severe nasal allergy and if the patient's condition is not followed well with medication after sinusitis surgery, sinusitis may recur.