Nasal Bone Fracture

Ansayfa Nasal Bone Fracture

Nasal Bone Fracture

The most damaged bone in trauma to the face as a result of an accident is the nasal bone. Fracture mostly occurs as a result of side blows. Although nasal fracture sometimes manifests itself with a slight crack without causing displacement of the bone, in severe traumas, fractures with multiple fragments and collapses in the bone may also develop. In patients with nasal bone fracture, if there is no displacement, it may be sufficient to just put a tampon in the nose and provide support. However, in patients with displacement and deformity, nasal fracture should be corrected with surgery.

When the nose is broken, not only the bone tissue is affected. However, the structure of the cartilage tissue also changes. It is known that most fractures occur in the nose in blows to the face. There can be many symptoms for a nasal bone fracture.

If you have these symptoms, be sure to consult a doctor:

  • nasal swelling
  • nose pain
  • pain in the nose
  • non-stop bleeding
  • tearing the holes
  • From a blow to the nose, etc. skew due to situation
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Sensitivity in the nose
  • Noise from nose when touching nose with hand

Causes of Nose Breakage

Nasal bone fracture can occur for many reasons. It may occur during unconscious sports activities. In addition, it is necessary to be careful when doing sports. The nose may be broken as a result of the blow to the nose during violent fights. Again, accidents are among the most common causes. It is possible to break the nose in car accidents or motorcycle accidents. Alcohol or drug use should be avoided. In many cases of fractures that occur, patients do not even remember how their noses were broken due to the substances they took. In addition, the noses of many patients who fall without noticing the glass surfaces are dried. Apart from these reasons that cause nasal fracture, the treatment process should be started before it's too late. It is possible to be operated thanks to nasal bone fracture surgery.

Nasal bone fracture surgery Izmir

The ideal time to correct the nasal bones is the first few hours. During this period, the procedure is easier as edema does not develop yet. For nasal fracture surgery, if the edema is excessive, the intervention is delayed for 3-5 days since the shape of the nose cannot be evaluated well. However, nasal fracture surgery is performed with Rhinoplasty techniques after 3-6 months, as the fusion of the bones will begin in patients who have passed more than 2 weeks.