Outer Ear Infection

Ansayfa Outer Ear Infection

Outer Ear Infection

An outer ear infection refers to inflammation, irritation or inflammation of the outer ear and outer ear canal. The disease is also known as swimmer's ear – otitis externa. Symptoms such as itching in the outer ear, yellow, yellow-green colored and foul-smelling discharge, inflammatory or foul-smelling pain, and congestion are signs of inflammation. The ear and ear canal appear red and swollen. The ear skin may be scaly and rash. Touching or moving the outer ear canal increases the pain. Medical treatment is applied.

What is Outer Ear Inflammation?

In summer, it is necessary to be careful when entering the pool or the sea. Especially bacteria in pools cause external ear infections. Among the symptoms of the disease are severe ear pain. However, if there is discharge from the ear, hearing loss, swelling or redness of the ear canal, a specialist doctor should be consulted. During the treatment, it is necessary to keep the ear away from moist environments and even not to enter the water. If you are faced with such an infection and are in the treatment process, you should definitely stay away from places such as sea-pools during the process.

What are the Causes of Outer Ear Inflammation?

Heat and humidity are among the primary causes of this inflammation. As it is known, moist environments are an opportunity for bacteria to multiply. Therefore, infection or inflammation can be encountered easily. It is not correct to say that the infection is only seen in the summer months. The infection can be encountered in almost any season. The fungus called Aspergillusniger is one of the factors that cause inflammation. The symptoms caused by the bacterial infection are mostly itching, hearing loss and pain. If a large amount of water gets into the ear while swimming in the pool or sea, it can cause inflammation. Before entering the pool or the sea, you should make sure that the water you will swim in is clean. Apart from all these, due to allergic reasons, fungi can multiply and cause inflammation. In addition, inserting foreign objects into the ear should be avoided. Due to this action, especially during ear cleaning, you may cause the ear to become infected. When washing your ear, you should be careful not to get water into the ear.

How Is Outer Ear Infection Treated?

Medical treatments are performed in our clinic for outer ear infection. Op.Dr Cem Karas diagnoses the patient with the complaint and applies treatment according to the level of the disease.