Ansayfa Earwax


What is Earwax?

The scientific name for earwax is cerumen. It is produced by a thousand to two thousand sebaceous and sweat glands in the outermost part of the ear canal. Adding some hair, dead skin cells, and other body debris to cerumen creates earwax as we know it. Earlier it was thought that earwax was produced only for moisturizing and preventing insects from entering the ear, but some also believe that it acts as an antibiotic.

Although cerumene may sound like it is not normal, the situation is quite the opposite. The antibacterial secretion that the ear secretes to protect itself from germs is called earwax. Under normal conditions, the ear throws this dirt out of the ear. But when it does not throw, unhealthy formations occur. Since earwax cannot be disposed of by accumulating in the ear in question, it can turn into a disease. Therefore, care should be taken when cleaning the ears. Care must be taken when cleaning the ear. Cleaning the ear directly with a cotton swab may cause ear damage. More serious problems may be encountered as a result of damage to the ear canal. It can be understood from some symptoms that the ear is blocked due to dirt. These symptoms are:

  • Hearing loss
  • pain in ear
  • A feeling of stuffiness in the ear
  • Occurrence of tinnitus
  • Hearing abnormal sounds and noises in the ear
  • Itching inside the ear
  • ear discharge or odor
  • Cough

If you are experiencing these symptoms, you should consult a specialist doctor for earwax treatment. Otherwise, you may experience permanent hearing loss due to late intervention. It is a wrong move to use alternative methods at home to clean your ear. The situation in question is a situation that must be intervened by the doctor.

How Is Earwax Treated?

In our center, we apply the cleaning method by first softening the earwax with a softening liquid and then draining or aspirating the accumulation in the ear, since the earwax treatment is highly likely to damage the earwax. After the ear washing process used in the treatment methods, the patients are relieved. Almost all patients stated that they could hear much more than before. Washing the ears while being treated is definitely not a habit-forming treatment. After washing your ears, you should be more sensitive when cleaning your ears, and take care not to damage the ear canal and eardrum.