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Redesign Your Lips!

Just because people's lips look flawless doesn't always mean they're too full or too enlarged. If a harmonious and attractive operation is performed with your face; then you can get the result you want.

The desire to have the perfect lips that everyone wants is not a new one. It has reached its final point by increasing the awareness of the blogger culture in the lip beautification process, which dates back to very old times. It is known that even the Queens of Ancient Egypt had their lips made and applied to make them look more beautiful. When we say sexy, attractive and full lips, especially Angelina Jolie; Many celebrities come to mind. Although some people and celebrities are naturally lucky in this regard, the number of people who use different methods and especially benefit from anti-aging developments is quite high. In recent years, as people's demands for lip beautification and being sexy have increased, the popularity of the procedures applied in this regard has also increased. When it comes to lip augmentation; The only action that comes to mind would be the administration of Hyaluronic Acid Based Fillers. It is known that even women under the age of 20 or middle-aged use this method, which used to be used only to regain the volume of the lips in aged bodies, to make their lips look more sexy.

However, the most important factor in the procedures to be done will be to adjust the lip volume that you can reach without getting an appearance that will look artificial and without eliminating your main purpose. Especially with the influence of selfies and the media, people started to pay more attention to their lips than before. However, the fact that people, especially the patients who come to me, always want to have exaggerated lips does not result in positive results. Real full lips may not suit everyone, but the basic principle in this matter is; I will be able to provide you with lips that will be in harmony with your entire face.

Lips Shouldn't Be Independent From The Face

It is always very important to maintain balance on your face and have one percent balance. If the balance on your face is disturbed as a result of the procedures, attractiveness will definitely disappear. You should know that no matter whether you have normal or full lips; It is important that the upper lip is slightly larger than the lower lip. But when this size exceeds 2 millimeters, an unattractive image will appear, which we call duck lip directly. We generally use Hyluronic Acid Based Fillers in order to eliminate the deformation on people's faces and to have a younger and sexier face. However, it is inevitable that you will not be able to adjust the dose and you will have a fake facial expression as a result of giving the lip more than necessary. That's why I always have to warn patients who make requests about it.

Of course, the techniques used in this regard are always important. The part located in the middle of the upper lip and close to the lower lip is called the lip heart. With the filling material to be applied to this area in sufficient amount, it will be possible to achieve both a continuous moisturizing effect and full lips. Doing the opposite to get a pretty good look will be problematic.

Elimination of Aging on the Lips

One of the areas that determine the aging of the human body is the lips. Over the years, the moisture content of the lips decreases, and there is a decrease in collagen and elastin fibers. So that; Even the change in your lip color is a factor that will reveal your age. Our lips, which already have a delicate texture as a requirement of our creation, are known to be a region that expands by drying over time and reveals our old age like the lines on our face. With the loss of the heart shape on the lips, the aesthetic appearance disappears. Some of the women are; She complains that her lips are drooping down. The solution to all these problems is; It will be realized with the filler to be given by targeting the lip corners. The most important element here is; you will know which technique to use to lose the aging effect on your lips.

Control of Lip Lines

Another factor that reveals the human age is; is the clarity of the lines surrounding the lips. For any reason, as a result of disappearing lines, especially with aging, the lip loses its shape and shrinkage occurs. I always prefer to make the lines clear again with the laser. Especially thanks to its structure that will increase the production of collagen, it provides nourishment to the lips. It will also be possible for deep lines to become more pronounced as a result of the treatment. However, it will always be beneficial to choose combined treatments.

Ensuring that both the filling and the lines are revealed without any problems will give you the most positive results you want.