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The first indicator that determines the age elements in people's bodies is the face shape and facial features. With the use of technological developments and the techniques used in Turkey, it is always possible to give people a younger look and gain this form. Of course, it's not just for the elderly; It is possible to live in different ways among young patients.

Of course, it is normal for many people to come across the same problems. Almost all; “Even though I take very good care of my face and especially my skin, I am seeing differences. Especially when I examine the photo after it is taken, I see the differences more clearly.” They do not know what the problem is.

The real problem; With the increase in the biological age of the body and the changes in the elements that we know as the heart shape and that give our face a rectangular appearance, it is possible to see the aging of the years from time to time, even if we cannot follow the face that we see every day, it is possible to feel that even our face, which looks flawless, is getting old. It is almost impossible to catch it and follow it instantly.

First, let's take a look at the facial features that are directly associated with youth. Each person's face is in a structure that narrows as it comes towards the chin; When we come to the upper side, namely the cheekbones, it has a shape reminiscent of an expanding heart. It is possible to say that although not every person has the same features, we will notice when we look at especially famous and remarkable faces, that they basically have a face shape resembling a heart.

The subject that everyone is wondering is; is why over the years the heart shape has taken on a rectangular shape. It will be possible to explain this with gravity. While the tight and resistant structure of our face ensures that the heart shape does not deteriorate during our youth, we can say that our face, which weakens over time, hangs down and involuntarily assumes a rectangular or square form. The solution to this is; With the use of technology, it will be possible to regain the face shape of your youth, and also by having a young face.

However, this rectangular face genetics, which most people encounter as they age, shows up in some people from the age of 30 or even 20. The solution to this is; I will tell you shortly.

To summarize; It is possible to have an attractive and firm face resembling a heart shape at any age and at any time. Now I will tell you about the treatment methods and technologies I use to get an attractive and tight face.

Cheekbones That Are Always Pronounced

I use fillers to make the cheekbones, which is one of the elements that determine the facial features of people, more attractive and fuller. Among these items; The most reliable and robust one, of course, is the Hyaluronic Acid Based Filling Material.

Along with the downward appeal of years, the part that is most affected by the loss of shape on the face is the cheekbones. If you want to rejuvenate again, you need to start the process from this area. It is possible to give your face an attractive and fuller look that you did not have before, with a few minutes of operation and the cheekbones to be filled. However, it is among the possibilities to go into exaggeration if the correct dosage is not adjusted and the correct procedure is not performed.

Although it is mainly used on aging faces, the use of this technique also provides positive results in people with congenital pale and flat cheekbones. However, one point should be mentioned here: Permanent fillers can always bring undesirable results. There are countless people who are unhappy with these bad results. Therefore, you should know that I do not recommend it.

Cheek Shaping is a must..

If you think that you will achieve the perfect look you want by just sticking to the cheekbones and getting fillers, it will definitely be difficult to achieve what you want. Because the lower part of the face, that is, the cheek parts, will not fully complement each other, as the depression or fullness that will occur with the effect of years will dominate. After the cheekbones, a new method has been used to process the cheeks. With the operation, which is used as a monopolar Radio Frequency system, and performed by processing the cheeks from the inner part of the mouth, energy flow is provided. In this way, while the lower part of the face is narrowed, it is again provided to take the shape of a heart. With this innovation, you will be able to provide more comfortable cheek area procedures; You may also feel that the effect of the treatment has increased.

If we look at the effect of the treatment; As a result of the energy given to the cheek area from the inside, by ensuring that elastin and collagen production in the cheek area is more and increased; tightening of the skin. At the same time, you can see that the cheek area is shaped directly, thanks to a structure that directly affects the tightening of the chambers in the adipose tissue.

As a result, as a result of this treatment, it will be possible to obtain a younger appearance, with the skin tightening more and the fat accumulated downwards as a result of sagging and taking up less space. In this way, it is possible to reach a more elegant and more beautiful facial line.

Finally, we need to make your jawline softer..

As a result of these two treatment methods that we have mentioned so far, many patients get positive results; It is seen that he has reached a heart-shaped face form. However, at times, it may be difficult to get rid of the angular appearance as a result of genetics or the face shape that will be changed over the years. Because for patients who have very strong muscles in the chin, applying an extra method will be sufficient to reveal the main result. While sleeping at night or chewing hard foods too much, these muscles develop. It is possible to have a masculine appearance as a result of chewing will result in a harder image than usual.

So to summarize; As a result of your face shape narrowing from the cheekbones to the lower side, that is to the cheeks, expanding towards the chin, the desired result will not be achieved. In order for the chin to always achieve a more elegant and dense image, an operation will be required. The best technique in this regard is; There will be filling applications. Thanks to the filling, which will provide the best way to relax the chewing muscles, you can easily reach the quality image you are looking for.

For a heart-shaped, more frequent and younger image, the procedures to be performed as a result of using the right techniques will be sufficient.